University of Phayao
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     The University of Phayao was (formerly Naresuan University campas of Phayao) founded in 2010 in Phayao province, north part of Thailand with the number of students is more than 20,000. The courses are open to undergraduate program – Ph.D. program in the areas of science and technology, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. The University recognizes the importance of developing quality basic education at the secondary school level.  Then the university council established the demonstration school on September 27, 2011 in the secondary level, from grade 7 to 12.  The school is focusing on science and technology and also liberal arts. There are about 400 students; the number of students in a class is lesser than 30.  Every student has to stay in the dormitory during their study then the school can support students from cities in various areas. The school is in the university; it has its own buildings, laboratories, and instructors but the school can ask to share the rooms, laboratories, and instructors from other faculties in the university, especially the faculty of science, faculty of information communication technology, faculty of arts, and faculty of medicine.  The school provides various activities in Academin, Student, and Administration affairs

Academic Activities
Student Activities
Administration Activities





The school's seal comes from the University of Phayao's symbol

The school's colors are purple and gold.
Purple is the combination of red symbolizing the Nation and blue symbolizing the King.
Gold symbolizes Religion and the prosperity of the university.


The flower symbolizing the School is Fah Mui.

VDO:Introduce the School
The School (7.33 min.)
Song of the School (2.35 min.)
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